Photography by Jared Chambers (2014).

Since 1995, we have been building corporate IT solutions for small business. Hansen Gress is changing how businesses approach technology.


Starting with -
World-class Support

We think IT support should be better, and we are building a support product that raises the bar every year. Our clients have learned to set their sights high, but most other small businesses are still settling for less.

Hansen Gress clients enjoy being able to raise their expectations for performance year-after-year. Customers have learned that Hansen Gress will deliver.  We have identified the following are key components to success: providing help right when you need it, truly reliable systems, honest and professional staff, zero data loss, and a well engineered service that just keeps expanding.

Expect Better.

Hansen Gress has been the ultimate technology services provider for our office. Installation, troubleshooting and guidance have all been performed in a responsive and professional manner at a very reasonable and predictable cost. They greatly exceed our expectations on a regular basis. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Dr. Michael Bennett, Lifetime Eyecare

What We've Achieved

  • Grown to be the largest SMB provider of IT services in Southeast, Alaska.
  • The highest ratings with a 99% 5-star satisfaction rate among the individual employees that we service.
  • Continuous growth year-after-year, maintaining exceptionally competitive pricing, while expanding services at the same or reduced cost.
  • Constantly evolving new methods for managing customer relationships and customer assets. 
  • Greater visibility into the customers and the individuals experience with their computer through better tracking.
  • More accountability than ever before with enhanced help desk and time accounting features and reporting.